HUFFPOST: "Astoria Characters: The Mom in Charge of Kids and Cakes"
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A profile on Renée Edwards, long time volunteer at the Variety Boys & Girls Club of Queens.


What with her degree and interest in youngsters, it was inevitable that Renée would opt for a career that kept her close to them.

For 31 years, she has worked for the New York City Department of Education’s LYFE program, which provides child care for student parents. A para, she’s stationed at Long Island City High School.

“I’m responsible for four infants whose ages are two months to 12 months,” she says, proudly calling up their photos on her smartphone and cooing.

When she gets off from work, Renée starts her volunteer duties. She heads over to the Variety Boys & Girls Club of Queens in Long Island City, where she teaches sewing, knitting and crocheting a couple of times a week.

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