After the school bell rings, our Club empowers young people to dream big and build their futures.

Each weekday afternoon, children run through our doors with wide smiles ready to storyboard their next film, taste-test a new recipe in our gourmet cooking program, or dive into a hands-on STEM experiment in our science lab.  

Our program sparks young people's curiosity and supports them to succeed in school, build interpersonal bonds and develop confidence. Whether your child loves coding and science or sports and the arts, the Club offers programs that appeal to the unique curiosity of each and every participant.


●  Access to Indoor Pool (Astoria Club)
●  Expert team of Youth Development Professionals
●  Late Pick-Up Available
●  Dynamic Activities for Every Interest
●  Priority Registration for our popular Summer Camps
●  Monthly Club Expos where students showcase their work


●  Astoria Boys & Girls Club - Flagship
●  IS 10 Beacon
●  Academy of the City Charter School